Medtronic: Stores Clerk

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  • Post published:Mar 31, 2022
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Job Description

Medtronic: Stores Clerk

Responsibilities may include the following and other duties may be assigned.

  • Performs a combination of manual and clerical shipping and receiving duties; may work out of a central warehouse.
  • Uses computer system for tracking, logging, verifying and reporting.
  • Follows shipping practices and procedures, and transportation routing, schedules and requirements.
  • Receives incoming materials or prepares materials for shipment.
  • (un)packs or (un)wraps items such as finished products, raw stock, assemblies, parts, building materials, office supplies, equipment, etc.
  • Verifies quantity, weight, and conformance of materials to stated identifications; logs receipt of items on system, processes freight bills, packing sheets, and other documents; reports materials shipped and bills of lading; posts weight and shipping charges and routes merchandise to destinations.

Must Have: Minimum Requirements

  • Minimum of 3 years of relevant experience and may require vocational or technical education or certification in addition to prior work experience.