Rand Water: Process controller

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Job Description

Rand Water: Process controller

Minimum Requirements

  • Grade 12 combined with a NQF level 3 qualification in Water and Waste Water treatment.
  • Two years’ experience in a Plant, Water Purification and Computer environment combined is essential.
  • Computer literate.
  • A valid Code 08 Driver‘s license and the ability to pass Rand Water’s K53 test.

Primary Duties

  • Operate conveyors and vibrators to fill the lime slaker bunkers and to ensure a continuous supply of crushed burnt lime to the slakers.
  • Operate and control slakers by following safe operating procedures.
  • Operate classifier by removing grid which is discharged from the slaker
  • Ensure continuous pumping of lime to the sedimentation system through the lime dosing pumps.
  • Operate grid conveyor and report any deviations to the Supervisor.
  • Check the settings on the ferric chloride dosing pumps and adjust settings as required.
  • Operate and control the dosing pumps during emergencies at the Poly plant. Receive Poly from the supplier and check stock and delivery notes.
  • General housekeeping duties.


  • Basic Mathematics
  • Basic understanding of the water treatment process.
  • Basic engineering principles of flow and pressure
  • General safety and knowledge of site procedures


  • Operating of lime, ferric and poly plants
  • Basic Lime handling
  • Good housekeeping skills
  • Good communication skills (verbal)


  • Accurate and systematic approach
  • Good housekeeping

Closing date: 02 April 2022