Ampath Trust: Debtors Officer

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  • Post published:Jan 26, 2022
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Job Description

Ampath Trust: Debtors Officer

Purpose of Position:

Attend to customer queries, collect outstanding Debt, process financial transactions and perform administration tasks


Grade 12

Required Experience:

Knowledge: Google and Google Mail, Knowledge: Meditech system, Knowledge: MS Excel, Knowledge: Open Office

Key Responsibilities:

Allocate, process and reconcile patient, medical aid, client and company payments, and process list enquiries to ensure correct processing on accounts, Collect outstanding debt in order to achieve the departmental targets, Compile reports to provide feedback to management, Maintain good client relations via In / Out bound calls, Perform administrative tasks to ensure accurate record keeping

Applicants must have a South African ID or a valid South African work permit
Closing date: 02 February 2022