Raizcorp: Internal Sales Consultant

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  • Post published:Jan 10, 2022
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Job Description

Raizcorp: Internal Sales Consultant

What experience is preferred?

You need to have a minimum of two years of hardware and software sales experience, either in internal sales or as a key account manager, achieving targets set out for you.

What kind of personality will excel in this role?

We’re looking for someone who is great at building and maintaining professional relationships. Someone with a strategic personality, who thrives on customer satisfaction.

Minimum requirements

  • Degree/ Diploma in an IT-related field
  • Previous experience within the IT / IoT / Telematics / Automation industries
  • Two to five years of related experience – either internal sales or key account management

Desired skills

  • High emotional intelligence with a real passion for developing people
  • Strong deadline driven / driver personality
  • Creative and strategic ability in developing solutions
  • Self-motivated and organised
  • Exceptional communicator
  • Strong emotional maturity and ability to take ownership and accountability
  • Tenacious with the ability to drive core business behaviours
  • Systematic approach to work
  • Proactive team player
  • Ability to manage under pressure
  • Flexible