Infosys: Sales Support & Administration

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  • Post published:Jan 6, 2022
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Job Description

Infosys: Sales Support & Administration

Academic qualifications and certifications:

  • High / Secondary School

Experience required:

  • 1-3 years of experience in a business environment
  • Proven work experience as a Sales administrator or Sales support agent
  • Hands on experience with Salesforce or similar system/CRM software and MS Office
  • Substantial experience with quoting tools and systems would be an advantage
  • Substantial administration experience, particularly quote to cash processes
  • Experience coordinating and managing work processes of team members

Additional Job Description

Standard career level descriptor for job level:

  • Work is pre-determined, with moderate level of control and review
  • Directs subordinates to complete work within established guidelines, policies and procedures
  • Monitors daily operations of a unit or a sub-unit; checks work frequently
  • Supervises semi-skilled employees or admin-type employees
  • May also perform own work
  • Requires full knowledge of own functional area
  • Works on issues of limited scope
  • Problems are usually easily solved
  • Mistakes will cause schedule delay
  • Interacts with subordinates or functional peers; usually around factual information