City Property: Customer Service

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  • Post published:Jan 4, 2022
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Job Description

City Property: Customer Service

Qualifications & Experience:
1.Post school qualification in administration preferred.
2.Matric qualification required.
3.3-5 years’ experience in customer service required.

Skills & Knowledge Required:

1.MS Office Skills required
a.MS Word – Basic
b.MS Excel – Basic
c.MS Outlook – Basic
2.Good data entry and typing skills required.
3.Proficiency in English language required.
4.Intermediate knowledge of MDA preferred.
5.Advanced knowledge in Freshdesk preferred.
6.Knowledge of City Property business processes is preferred.
7.Knowledge of customer service principles and practices preferred.
8.Knowledge of call center telephony and technology preferred.
9.Knowledge of administration processes preferred.
Closing date: 21 January 2022