Fidelity Services Group: Fleet Driver

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  • Post published:Jan 2, 2022
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Job Description

Fidelity Services Group: Fleet Driver

Minimum Requirements:

  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • Valid PDP Driver’s Licence

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Collecting and taking vehicles to dealers and panel shops
  • Assisting with service reminders
  • Checking vehicles when collecting them at panel shops that repairs is done as per quote.
  • Will be responsible for reporting the general image of the vehicle (cleanliness)
  • Will report to fleet when vehicle needs repairs of rooflights, lights and tyres.
  • Inspect vehicles when in the area, for new damages.
  • Assist colleges with change overs.
  • Stand off at strategic visible points ,
    • When meeting other staff in areas;
    • For displays in areas if not booked for specific tasks.

Job Closing date: 07 January 2022