Mustek: Driver



  • Check all stock against invoices/PODs for the correct order and quantity when loading vehicles for delivery.
  • Handle stock in correct manner to prevent damage to stock as well as personal injuries at all times.
  • Deliver all items timeously and professionally.
  • Ensure correct order and quantity is delivered to the correct client always.
  • Communicate delays or other problems that occur on route to Marcello Campson immediately and adjust plan according to instructions.
  • Driving safely ensuring no speeding fines or other traffic regulation contraventions always.
  • Maintain professional and courteous conduct on the roads always.
  • Maintain vehicle in a neat and presentable condition always.
  • Report any mechanical problems experienced immediately on return to Mustek. This can include unusual sounds or anything which might require repairs to be carried out.
  • Report any visual observations, such as smooth tires, immediately.
  • Ensure vehicle is fully checked according to vehicle check list at least once per month (or whenever vehicle was driven by another employee) and report any concerns or mechanical problems immediately.
  • Report accidents or damage to vehicles immediately.

Client services:

  • Maintain professional, courteous and friendly interface with visitors/clients always.
  • Making contact with the Despatch Supervisor to assist with solving any problems that might occur on route, thereby ensuring the best possible service to the client.
  • Ensure presenting a professional image by taking care to be clean and neatly dressed, and ensuring that clothing is in good presentable, condition.
Qualifications and Experience:

  • Matric
  • Valid Driver’s license
  • Valid PDP
  • 2 year’s experience as a driver in corporate environment

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Basic knowledge of general administrative processes
  • Good understanding of organisational structure
  • Good knowledge of routes, related business places and locality
  • Good communication
  • Good people skills
  • Valid Code 08 driver’s licence
  • Good, safe driving skills
  • Navigating by means of area maps
  • Working well under pressure
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