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Aspen Pharma Group: Maintenance Technician

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  • Post published:Nov 3, 2021
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Maintain and calibrate lab instruments according to SOPs and maintenance schedules. Facilitate the repair of lab equipment and verify that equipment produce accurate and reliable results.



▪ Trade Tested Artisan with 4-6 years’ related experience
▪ Laboratory experience

Specific job skills:

▪ Comprehensive understanding of pharmaceutical testing methods, equipment calibration, maintenance and repairs
▪ Understanding of pharmaceutical standards and compliance requirements
▪ Ability to interpret and implement policies, processes and objectives
▪ Physically capable of lifting/ moving heavy equipment


▪ Meeting Deadlines
▪ Following Procedures
▪ Maintaining Accuracy
▪ Customer Awareness

Planning and Operational Support:
▪ Act as a technical/ subject matter resource
▪ Facilitate implementation of current processes
▪ Identify gaps in current policies and procedures
▪ Provide input into changes or improvements to processes, tools and techniques
▪ Train staff on SOPs and maintenance of lab equipment

Equipment Maintenance and Calibration:
▪ Maintain the lab calibration schedule
▪ Perform calibration and preventative maintenance of lab equipment according to SOPs and schedules
▪ Repair or outsource repairs of faulty lab equipment
▪ Monitor calibration of equipment by external service providers
▪ Evaluate calibration failures and instrument breakdowns, and impact on lab results
▪ Report calibration deviations and equipment/ instrument failures to management
▪ Complete OOC documentation and establish and communicate risk of using OOS equipment
▪ Recommend changes to maintenance and calibration procedures
▪ Develop, review and implement SOPs for equipment used for calibration
▪ Participate in audits of equipment as required
▪ Maintain Good Lab Practice

Customer Service / Stakeholder Management:
▪ Propose and develop methods for improving customer service
▪ Update internal and external customers on progress of maintenance/ repair queries
▪ Manage lab maintenance requests

Asset/ Resource Coordination:
▪ Determine and request resources/ assets for the fulfilment of work; and monitor its use

Reporting and Record-Keeping
▪ Monitor and trend adherence to schedule ensuring customer requirements met
▪ Document and file data according to SOPs and regulation
▪ Gather information required for reports
▪ Update records and systems as required

Aspen fully subscribes to the principles of Employment Equity and will make decisions in line with this ethos.

Closing Date: 7 November 2021