Anglo American: Laboratory Technician X2

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  • Post published:Oct 25, 2021
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Job Description:

The purpose of this role is to prepare samples for chemical analysis in a way that meets the correct quality and production requirements.

Key responsibilities:

  • Report all incidents within shift.
  • Ensure that work area is tidy and safe to work in.
  • Attend and participate in green area meetings.
  • Perform SLAM and ensure that Continuous Risk Assessment books are signed.
  • Participate in inspections monthly together with the SHE rep.
  • Perform tasks according to the current Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).
  • Conduct quality checks as required and address checks that fall out of specification by taking necessary action.
  • Sort and mill samples to specification.
  • Flux samples according to procedure.
  • Load samples in furnace and pour when fusion is complete.
  • Deslag and cupellation of lead buttons.
  • Pick prills and dissolve using a microwave.
  • Deslag and milling of nickel buttons.
  • Fuse samples with sodium peroxide, leach and make up to correct volume.
  • Use a gas pycnometer to determine density.
  • Ensure that consumables are collected from the store timeously so that work is not halted.


  • Matric with Maths and Science.
  • Basic computer literacy.

Closing date: 29 October 2021