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Dark Fibre Africa: Sales Administrator

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  • Post published:Oct 21, 2021
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Main purpose

Perform sales administration duties for assigned key stakeholders.

Key performance areas and tasks

  • Load relevant, required documents for sales opportunities on system.
  • Check completeness of RFIs/RFOs.
  • Manage transmission (TX) plans to meet SLAs.
  • Access TX plans to align to relevant product specifications and route details to ascertain route completeness and delivery expectation.
  • Apply correct quoting criteria for each quote to be generated.
  • Send complete quote and TX Plan to customer.
  • Process signed quotes.
  • Load order documentation onto system.
  • Manage circuit number generation and send to customer.
  • Convert links to billing by loading signed ATPs.
  • Send regular updates to KAMs or AMs
  • Assist in managing reporting on and collecting outstanding ATPs for KAMs.
  • Reconcile opportunities against the order report.
  • Execute outcomes that have been identified from reports, thus processing cancellations, decommissioning, and resolving administrative queries.
  • Generate and recon the following reports.

Working conditions

  • Office based
  • Some travel may be required
  • Extended working hours may be required

Knowledge, experience, and qualifications

  • National Senior Certificate
  • 2 years of experience in sales administration or coordination role, preferably in the B2B ICT or telecoms Sector
  • Understanding of telecoms preferable

Closing date: 29 October 2021