Volvo Group: Service Administrator

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  • Post published:Oct 14, 2021
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Position Description

The main purpose of the job is to ensure that all administration pertaining to workshop process is dealt with efficiently.

Reporting: This position reports to the Admin: Team Leader.

Job Objectives:

Warranty and Maintenance administration.

  • Ensure that Warranty and Maintenance claims are submitted timeously in accordance with the warranty binder and maintenance procedures.
  • Ensure zero rejection rate.
  • Ensure parts are disposed of in accordance with directives and policies.
  • Ensure that all parts in the claim store is clearly marked according to relevant procedures.
  • Ensure the accuracy and back-up of all relevant documentation including but not limited to job cards e.g. photos, protocols, defect reports, sublet invoices etc.
  • Ensure jobs are costed within VST parameters.
  • Make sure all sublet invoices are loaded on job cards and forwarded to finance for payment.
  • All job cards must be signed off by the Line Manager.

Opening and processing of job cards for repairs, maintenance and servicing.

  • Ensure information on job card received from workshop include all relevant information e.g. registration number, chassis number, kilometre reading etc.
  • Recording service type, e.g. basic, annual etc.
  • Record any other faults e.g. brake lights not working, vehicle overheating, etc.
  • Transferring all relevant information onto job card on computer.
  • Carry out credit checks.
  • Ensure that job card is allocated to correct account i.e. customer, warranty, maintenance contract.
  • Ensure that job cards are signed by Driver/owner or relevant responsible person.

Outwork/sublet orders.

  • Raising a sublet order.
  • Ensure outwork supplier submit quotation for work to be done.
  • Sublet order raised against the job (First copy to outlet supplier, second to costing file and third to the job card).
    Copy of processed invoice and order to be attached to job card.

Closing of job cards (work in progress).

  • Ensure that daily WIP controls are in place and that regular follow ups are done with workshop team leaders to ensure continuous flow of process.
  • Ensure job card has been completed as required with all relevant information, i.e. date, work carried out, time started, time finished, total time worked, VST, cause of failure, etc.
  • Ensure that owner or relevant person sign acceptance of work and/or parts fitted.
  • Ensure job is signed off by relevant Technician, the Team Leader and the Service Manager before closure.

Job Costing.

  • Enter brief description of work done and any notes made by the Workshop Manager.
  • Enter parts used.
  • Enter labour according to VST codes.
  • Enter outwork.
  • In case of breakdowns enter travelling time and call out fee.
  • Enter sundries and consumables.
  • Print invoice and ensure it is handed to the Workshop Manager to sign off and ensure order numbers are in place.
  • Hand over to administrative assistant.
  • Upon final confirmation of payment received issue gate pass to driver.

Education & Work Experience:

  • Matric / N3 or equivalent.
  • Computer Skills.
  • SAP/GDS.
  • Strong administrative background.

Key Competencies:

  • Attention to detail.
  • Work well under pressure.
  • Customer focused.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Administration skills.
  • Take Initiative.
  • Team player.
  • Quality orientated.
  • Stock control(Warranty).
  • Good time management.
  • Honesty and Integrity.

Closing date: 27 October 2021