SBV Services (Pty) Ltd: Cash Processor

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Receive Cash

  • Receive deposits and update on the applicable systems.
  • Comply with all policies and procedures to eliminate any possible risks to the company and the customer.

Prepare Cash on the applicable system

  • Check container/Bag for any damages or interferences and report all anomalies to Team Controller.
  • Acknowledge container/bag on applicable system.
  • Process all deposits in line with the agreed upon banks SLAs and SOPs on the applicable system.
  • Prep workstation accurately for effective and efficient note counting.

Note Sorting

  • Sort all prepped deposits/notes for (FDP/ACDP) on the same day, within the cut off times.
  • Send rejected notes to the Reject Teller together with the PCD cards, deposit slips and stop loss bag to verify and balance

Reconciliation of ACDP deposits.

  • Perform a reconciliation of all notes rejected in order to validate the information
  • Manually check all rejected notes for counterfeits, dye-stained and mutilated notes
  • Perform cash transfers to vaults
  • Perform end of day balancing/ reconciliation of all cash received
  • Handle all transactions including shortages and surpluses according to SOPs

Desktop deposit processing

  • Check container/Bag for damage /tamper, report anomalies to Team Controller.
  • Acknowledge container/bag on applicable system.
  • All deposits must be kept separate per customer at all times and all deposits must be processed on the same day received by the customer.
  • All deposits must be processed and balanced on the applicable system
  • Perform end of day balancing/ reconciliation of all cash received
  • All transactions, including shortages and surpluses must be handled according to SOPS
  • Accurate prepping must be done to enable effective and efficient note counting

Sachet and Process Coin

  • Process bulk coin deposits in accordance with SBV’s policies and Procedures
  • Sort and process teller coin transfers

Bank system Integrated deposit processing

  • Validate all transactions linked to system integrations as per banks SLA
  • Inform client services of account numbers not linked to bank system to avoid delays in crediting the customer
  • Verify deposit account number to eliminate losses or misposts
  • Escalate system downtime/delayed batches to team controller

Payroll and change

  • Payroll / change transactions must be processed in accordance with SLA per customer
  • Report all discrepancies to the Team Controller timeously
  • Floats must be sealed in drop safe bags along with float packing slips and placed into trolleys as per client requirement
  • Payroll entries to be processed within the banks SLA timeframes
  • Maintain all equipment by reporting any defects on equipment to the Team Controller
  • Obtain banks authorization prior to despatching as per SOP


  • Assist with the accurate packing and unpacking of Bank and ATM Cash.
  • Manage consumables in line with packing requirements.
  • Confirm that the bag and Seal numbers are properly recorded.

Manage Equipment

  • Utilize equipment according to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS), protecting and taking care of company assets


6 months previous cashier/teller experience (Advantageous)
Grade 12 with Maths Literacy
Successfully completed SBV Cash Processor training

Analytical- and Critical Thinking Ability: Ability to gather sufficient data to understand a problem, to look at a situation from different perspectives, to be able to break a problem into smaller components, and to look for underlying causes or thinks through the consequences of different courses of action.

  • Verbal-, Non-verbal and Written Communication Skills: Ability to effectively interact with individual/ group, using appropriate verbal-, nonverbal- or written communication on the required level, and sending out/ receiving a clear message in the intended way.
  • Time Management: To effectively plan/schedule, coordinate and execute own program and work in accordance with business priorities.
  • Relationship- and Alliance Building Skills/ Social Intelligence: Ability to skillfully use interpersonal- and networking skills in order to develop a sound relationship/alliance and cooperate with key stakeholders inside/ outside the organization and maintain such a relationship
  • Managing Assignments and Resources: Demonstrates basic understanding of operational management principles, accurately determine resources, assign priorities, effectively plan and organize time, resources and equipment in order to minimize interferences, meet operational requirements, maximize team capacity and productivity and to cost-effectively contribute to the achievement of goals
  • Risk Management: Ability to proactively identify risk areas/threats, to analyze such exposure to risk, to determine how to best handle it and to implement appropriate course of action to control/minimize risk.

Closing date: 30 September 2021


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