Bluespec Holdings: Procurement Administrator

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  • Post published:Sep 22, 2021
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Liaising with Service Providers and Corporate Clients via email & telephonically:

  • Communicating with Service Providers regarding any information they may request on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) or assistance on the Dreamtec App.
  • Confirming with Service Providers/Clients (internal & external) through salesforce email system and followed by telephone call once their request has been resolved
  • Following up on any outstanding requests/tasks and communicating status to the relevant stakeholders
  • Updating all service provider profiles on salesforce.

General Office Administration:

  • The ability to communicate in most languages with service providers
  • Be able to give explanation of the process of meaning device
  • Be able to arrange access logins for internal and external users
  • Be able to train service providers on the partner portal

Managing of Procurement mailbox through Salesforce:

  • Assigning of all request through ticketing system salesforce to the team.
  • Monitor in progress and to be in actioned tickets .
  • All requests received in the procurement mailbox should be directed to salesforce for ticket assigning.
  • Inbox should be monitored timeously in order not to miss any urgent request and responses provided immediately.
  • Action to be taken immediately. Making quick decisions and pursuing immediate action is required in order to keep mailbox under control.

Good Knowledge of query and Complains resolution:

  • Support technician should have a sound knowledge of query resolution and how to pay attention to the core issue.
  • Be able to listen 2) Empathize where necessary for the inconvenience. 3) Taking personal responsibility in dealing with the query or complain. 4) Execute and communicate a solution

New Application – Approved Service providers:

  • Advising potential service providers of the application process
  • Emailing the correct application pack and monitoring process and status of the application.
  • Updating rates in the application pack as and when there are updates .
  • Scanning and loading the approved applications on salesforce.
  • Preparation of banking documents for submissions to the finance director for loading as a beneficiary on the payments database.

Managing of various communications to service providers:

  • Communicating effectively to the stakeholders regarding any new developments/updates or changes
  • Provide clarity to stakeholders regarding communicated information where needed.
  • Filing of same or future referrals when necessary.

New Applications and changes to existing:

  • Communicating effectively to stakeholders of loading new service providers as well as drivers on the system as well as making changes to existing portfolios.
  • Deactivation process of existing service providers and documentation of same on salesforce.

Meeting/Appointment bookings:

  • The administrator needs to be able to plan and arrange any requested meetings with either internal or external clients.
  • Arrange any training sessions needed by service providers or internal clients.
  • Arrange meetings requested by management with service providers.
  • Matric
  • Technical Background
  • Administrative
  • Attention to Detail
  • Customer Service
  • Commitment
  • Clear communication skills
  • Active Listening
  • High concentration
  • Interaction with a wide range of customers
  • Microsoft Office
  • Salesforce