Smollan Activation: Sales Representative

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  • Post published:Aug 22, 2021
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Job Summary:

To ensure effective merchandising of clients’ products at store level and to ensure that call cycles are maintained i.e. Number of liquor stores/ shebeens / Resturants within time frequencies.

Key Responsibilities and Deliverables:

Callage and Coverage –

  • To ensure that call cycles are maintained i.e. Number liquor stores/shebeens/Resturants within time frequencies.

Relationship Building –

  • Ensure brilliant customer service is providedto Liquor stores/shebeens/resturants

On Shelf Availability –

  • Ensure that the prescribed SKU distribution is achieved in shebeens/resturants
  • Identifying Category Gaps for both client and Competitors.
  • Identifying opportunities to increase client products at liquor stores/resturants

Innovation –

  • Ensure that products are clearly visible to the consumer
  • Ensure speed to shelf on innovation sku’s

Pricing Compliance –

  • Pricing of products to remain consistent through regular audit and compliance
  • Identify anomalies and flag these immediately

Point of Sale Implementation –

  • Ensure that clients POS is installed according to guidelines from client.

Order Management

  • Ensure unfulfilled orders placed by Spaza are followed up on
  • Assist Liquor stores/Shebeens/resturants with queries that may arise from Orders


  • Ensure that Sales Targets are understood
  • Ability to break down targets and develop sales plans to achieve targets
  • Entrepreneurship mentality is required to increase sales and distribution atliquor shops/shebeens and resturants.

Education & Qualifications:

  • Matric Certificate | Compulsory
  • Sales Certificate/Qualification | Advantage
  • Drivers License | Compulsory


  • Strong sales experience and mentality | Compulsory
  • Merchandising experience
  • Retail Experience | Compulsory
  • Liquor Industry experience | Advantage
  • Technological Experience | Compulsory


  • Tech Savvy with the ability to understand systems & tech products
  • Passionate about customer service and sales
  • Ability to self-manage
  • Entrepreneur Mindset
  • Ability to complete reports, send quality feedback and gather insights