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BKB:Retail Associate Cathcart

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  • Post published:Jul 29, 2021
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Here at BKB, we want to do things differently. We have to, because the world is changing,
and we want to keep up.
Our people, no matter their position, are the ones to do this,
We are looking for forward thinkers who want to make a difference. 


We offer a competitive salary, medical aid, retirement benefits and above average leave.

Hard Skills:  
•Grade 12  
•Experience in shop electronics (tills, scanners, card machines, etc.)
•Must be good at maths.
•Stock control experience and computer literacy would help.

Soft Skills:  
•You need a big smile!
•Acceptance that our customers are most important.
•Able to move at speed to get things done.
•There is shift work

This is the way to store management. If you are a go-getter, enjoy working hard then we’d like to hear from you!

Closing date: 04 August 2021