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Pick n Pay launches 'Feed the Nation' relief fund to help vulnerable  communities

Job Advert Summary:

At Pick n Pay we have exciting opportunities for determined, focused and dedicated individuals who wish to apply for a trainee position (Accounting articles) in the retail industry, whilst working towards their CA (SA) qualification. We’re looking for talented people with exceptional skills who share our values to join a team of experienced professionals. Pick n Pay CA Trainees are the prospective future leaders of our business. We are looking for individuals who want to continue adding value to our organisation, not only during the programme, but also beyond, resulting in growing their career while being part of our amazing team. Do we share the same values? Are you genuinely passionate about retail? Do you want to be one of Pick n Pay’s future leaders? Individuals who are serious about their careers and wish to be part of the Pick n Pay team, are invited to apply.

Minimum Requirements:

You would need to have finalised your CTA/PGDA/Honors degree by December 2021 in order to write ITC in January 2022. Please attach copies of transcripts and proof of registration thereof (Latest updated CV, university transcripts, registration of CTA/PGDA for 2021 or University transcript / certificate of CTA/PGDA passed). You will need to be based at the Pick n Pay offices situated in Cape Town for the duration of the training contract. Relocation and accommodation costs will be for your own account. Please carefully consider these additional costs if you need to relocate to Cape Town before applying.
Duties & Responsibilities:

Possible candidates need to demonstrate professional values and attitudes; and the ability to integrate acumen and technical competence with each area of the value creation process. For trainees to achieve SAICA’s required competencies, we will provide prospective trainees exposures to the following: (i) Strategy & Governance (ii) Stewardship of capitals (i.e. financial, manufactured, intellectual, human, social and relationship, and natural) (iii) Decision-making (iv) Reporting (v) Compliance (vi) Assurance (i.e. internal audit)
Closing date: 30/04/2021APPLY ONLINE HERE

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