Ackermans: 2021 Internship



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At Ackermans we help our Interns find their feet and future direction. Energetic, ambitious and qualified young graduates can look forward to a 12 month paid internship as well as a phenomenal learning experience. Hands-on experience in a thriving Retail Business, with exposure to successful business practices and people alike. An Ackermans Internship will give you the opportunity to: • Be exposed to the Retail Industry • Explore your interests and gain working knowledge of future career possibilities • Develop your work ethic and corporate brand • Build relationships that will stand your future in good stead



 • Honours Degree in Psychology

 • Must be registered with the HPCSA as a Student Psychometrist (Independent Practice)

 • Must have completed, or currently completing a BA Industrial Psychology / BPsych equivalence course, by an       accredited academic institution

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

• Thorough knowledge of the code of professional ethics of the HPCSA• Knowledge of relevant legislative frameworks which impact on psychological practice• Sound understanding of psychometric properties• Clear knowledge and understanding of scope of practice• Microsoft Office skills (Excel, Word and PowerPoint)
Key Responsibilities:

Prepare for administration of assessments (set up assessment links; set up room) Administer a wide range of psychometric assessments Manage online portals (e.g. downloading of assessment results) Coordinate and arrange assessment activities in all provinces Assist with interpreting psychometric assessments Provide supervised verbal feedback to line management Provide supervised verbal feedback to candidates for development purposes Write integrated reports Build and maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders General office administration (e.g. filing of assessment reports, managing records and psychometric databases, ordering of credits for online assessments) Ensure the ethical use of psychometric tests including test security, confidentiality and informed consent
Closing date: 02 December 2020

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