NOV: Apprentice Welder


As a welding Apprentice to learn the trade of Welder, practical & theoretical, and to pass trade tests by on-the-job training and trade school.
·        Must be proficient with and have passed Matric
·        Same practical work as specified under Trainee Welding Operator
·        Complete theoretical & practical syllabus as per training modules
·        Exposure to practical on-the-job training
·        Must be able to pass theoretical and practical tests for the different levels as per training program
·        Explanation of works instructions (shop docs) and facilitating work flow by reading of drawing details and executing the work instructions as per the work management system.
·        Assisting in issuing of manufacturing processes.
·        Effectively report any HSE or productivity issues through the correct channels
·        Work to achieve high quality in the assembly and welding of component parts
·        Be proficient in the use of all welding equipment used in the Fabrication Shop.
·        Work to weekly production schedule highlighting any key areas which may prevent achieving daily targets
·        Interpret weld procedures, engineering drawings from sketches, materials and electronic images identifying the most efficient, cost effective solution without compromising quality or safety
·        Maintain welder traceability
·        Follow recognised procedures for issuing and returning of welding consumables from stores (rods, wire, flux)
·        Notify the Supervisor of any mistakes, omissions or alterations necessary to drawings or bills of material
·        Contribute to the development of systems and improvement in working practices and processes
·        Accurately complete details on time sheets/Kronos electronic timekeeping – return them to the Supervisor on completion of a job
·        Participate in resolving assembly and production issues
·        Complete regular preventive maintenance
·        Report malfunctions to Maintenance as needed
·        Maintain production area housekeeping 5S
·        Minimize waste by using/disposing of raw materials and consumable items efficiently


  • Able to understand, evaluate and apply technical information and functional skills
  • Capable of keeping abreast of an evolving portfolio of products, services and systems
  • Has solutions and suggestions that are effective in addressing the problem at hand
  •   Able to apportion time effectively to complete tasks
  • Be willing to provide colleagues with the information they need to complete their tasks and eliminate roadblocks
   Energy and Drive
  • Will be energized by challenges and drawn towards opportunities
 Personal and Interpersonal
  • Imbued with a strong sense of customer focus (internal/external)
  • A candid team player who collaborates with peers to solve problems
  • Will hear people out and absorb the speaker’s message before responding or acting
Closing date 5th February 2020

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    I wish to be part of this program ,ple ple help me to make it poapossi

  2. kevin

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