How to apply for a job at SAPPI

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Vacant position

  • A position becomes available within the organisation, which we decide to fill either internally or externally.
  • We write a job spec for the position.

Job advertised

  • The line manager contacts HR to start the recruitment process and a recruitment request (requisition) is filled in.
  • The job is advertised on our online careers portal, staff notice boards or both.
  • A closing date is also indicated on the advert(s).

Application received

  • Applicants who meet the minimum requirements are shortlisted by HR and the line manager.
  • All shortlisted applicants are invited to interview.

Interview process

  • The line manager and HR are present at the interview.
  • We select the best applicants based on their interview and CV.


  • If necessary, the applicant will be assessed to establish if they have any competency gaps and whether they are the best fit for the job prior to potential employment.
  • The assessment results are given to the line manager with recommendations.

Position filled

  • The best candidate for the job is selected (based on the assessment results, interview results and CV).
  • We make an offer.
  • Upon accepting the offer, the candidate fills in the required paperwork and a start date is decided.
To browse and apply for jobs with us, visit our Careers portal.
For enquiries:
Email [email protected] (Applications are not accepted by email) 

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