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Bursary Details: 

CRET has a different approach to the management of its education programme and aims to recruit candidates that would ordinarily be overlooked by other bursary programmes, which commonly seek out the top achievers only.
What are the study priority areas?
CRET bursary applicants may apply to study any entry level/first time study module/undergraduate qualification of their choice provided that the duration of studies is no longer than 5 years and the institution is accredited by the relevant Higher Education authority.
Is the bursary only offered to first year students?
Students in any year of study are eligible to apply, as long as the applicant does not already hold a higher education qualification and is not applying for post graduate studies.

Candidate Requirements: 

Who is eligible to apply?
Any student from a financially needy background who can demonstrate such need.
Our goal is to provide financial assistance for those students who, without additional support would not apply to study further and/or complete their chosen qualification.
Preference will be given each year to essential and scarce skills education applicants as determined by the Department of Labour, various SETAs, and other labour and economic advisors.
Further non-negotiable criteria:
Learners, or unemployed youth between the ages of 16 and 30 years, who want to complete a recognised undergraduate, or other qualification, through a recognised South African institution (overseas and post-graduate study is not negotiable)
The bursary is only awarded to South African citizens with a valid South African ID number
Bursary applicants must already have applied for study at the accredited institution and provide proof thereof, on application
The bursary applicant is not permitted to change the area of specialisation on which basis the bursary was applied for, based on the acceptance letter from the institution
The applicant should demonstrate good academic, leadership and empathetic ability, with high values and developmental communication skills

Application Form: 

How to Apply: 

Prospective bursars must apply through the link on our website and apply via the EasyBurse link ( before the closing date of 31 October 2019, prior to the year of intended study.
All applications for 2020 study are to be submitted online.
No other application avenues will be considered.

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