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    Dear student
    Thank you for taking the time to apply to KPMG. Please see the bursy application below which requires completion. Please be note that your bursary outcome will be based on your year end results. In deciding which bursary option is most suited to you, please consider that both options require outstanding
    academic achievement as a basis and then the following distinction applies between the two: 
    1. If you do not require extensive funding for your studies, then the Pure Merit Bursary is for you.
    1. If you require some significant funding for your studies without which you could not attend university, then the Merit Bursary with Financial Needs may be for you.

    In order for KPMG to determine which bursary option you qualify for we kindly ask that you upload the necessary documentation requested in this communication. In addition to the completed form, all candidates have to submit a full academic history (Matric certificate through to your most recent results) and if you are applying for a Merit with Financial Need bursary, please also submit: [email protected]

    • Payslipsfor both parents/guardians
    • 3 months’ bank statements for both parents/guardians
    • Utility bill (water and electricity, cellphone etc)

    Completing the application form and providing the supporting documents are prerequisites in order to award and pay out the applicable bursary option. Once we have assessed your detailed application, we will send you a formal Bursary Contract setting out the full details of your bursary.
    KPMG reserves the right to solely determine whether you should be awarded the Pure Merit Bursary or the Merit Bursary with Financial Needs and to determine the amount awarded under such bursary. KPMG further reserves the right to solely determine whether you should receive this award in subsequent years and if so the amount thereof, which will depend on the satisfactory progress made by you and the availability of funds to KPMG.
    Please note that a Bursary Contract is subject to you entering into a learnership (training contract) with KPMG that will start once you have completed your studies at a SAICA accredited university i.e. obtaining a CTA/GDA qualification.
    If you have any questions regarding the application process, please send your query to [email protected]
    Please be advised that due to the high volumes of applications, there will be a slight delay in responses.
    Application form
    Please complete the application form below: Download PDF (74.8 KB)

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